Map of Faerun


The laser engraved wooden map of Faerûn for Dungeons and Dragons is a beautifully crafted piece of art that brings the vast and diverse continent of Faerûn to life. Faerûn is one of the most iconic and well- known regions in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, and this map captures its essence with intricate details and artistic flair. This laser-engraved wooden map of Faerûn serves as an incredible addition to any Dungeons and Dragons fan’s collection. Whether displayed on a wall, used as a gaming accessory, or treasured as an artistic piece, it immerses players and enthusiasts into the enchanting world of Faerûn and ignites the spirit of adventure within them.

245mm x 250mm

*Please be aware, due to the nature of the wood the colour may vary. Mounting hardware not included*