USS Enterprise


The LED lights cast a captivating glow that dances gracefully through the delicate engravings, bringing to life a mesmerizing display of colors. The effect is nothing short of enchanting, as the lights paint an ethereal ambiance that will transport you to a realm of wonder and imagination.

But it’s not just the enchanting acrylic top that makes this piece so remarkable. The LED lights is inserted into a base crafted from wood, expertly laser-cut. This base not only complements the acrylic top flawlessly but also adds a touch of natural charm and sophistication to the overall design.

To ensure utmost convenience, this stunning creation comes complete with a 2-meter USB power cord. No more fussing over batteries or power outlets, simply plug it in, and the magic unfolds before your eyes. And to enhance your experience further, we’ve included a 15-key remote that empowers you to control the LED lights with just a gentle touch. Seamlessly switch between an array of enchanting colors, dim or brighten the lights, and even choose from a variety of mesmerizing lighting patterns to suit your mood.

Base dimensions – 250mm x 75mm x 15mm
Acrylic Top Dimensions – 137mm x 192mm

*please note* You must peel off the protective paper on the backside of the acrylic top before putting in the base.